Updated: Thursday, 16th July 2020 @ 3:42pm

Ex-Manchester City boss Peter Reid says Blues have blown title chances as Ferguson warns Vieira over referee comments

Ex-Manchester City boss Peter Reid says Blues have blown title chances as Ferguson warns Vieira over referee comments

By Dean Wilkins

Ex-Manchester City manager Peter Reid is hailing United to win the title after Sir Alex Ferguson warned Patrick Vieira over comments on referee’s preferential treatment of United.

Reid fears the club have blown a golden opportunity to win the Premier League and said that an expert United will be led to their 20th league triumph by Ferguson.

The Reds’ manager has meanwhile ignited a row with rivals’ development executive Patrick Vieira after claims that referees give United an unfair home adavantage.

Reid, speaking at the Soccerex forum in Manchester, said: "I don't think Manchester United have been brilliant, they have dug results out, but that is Manchester United.

"The manager, whatever you say about the manager, has been there and done it.

"I thought City were going to win it in December, I thought everything was there, but now I have changed my mind.

"I'm surmising Manchester United are going to win it, but I think it was a great chance for Manchester City."

And Sir Alex Ferguson has warned Patrick Vieira that Manchester City deserve nothing just because they played the best football early in the season.

"They were playing great football in the first half of the season," said Ferguson.

"Everyone recognised that and we felt the brunt of it too when they beat us 6-1 here.

"But a season lasts for a bit longer than three months."

Vieira was reported saying United receive favourable treatment from referees at Old Trafford, but City reacted by banning BBC reporter Dan Roan from the club's facilities after claiming the quotes were taken out of context.

Ferguson has been left stunned by Vieira's latest outburst, coming just a week after his jibe that Paul Scholes’ comeback was desperate.

Ferguson responded by saying he had ‘plenty of ammunition’ if City wanted to engage in mind games, and stirred the infamous midfield battles between Vieira and Roy Keane, when the former was captain of Arsenal.

"We can bring Keane back if he wants and make it interesting," said Ferguson.

"Apparently he's retracted [the comments] but it's interesting.

"The thing is, from the referee's position, I can see why he didn't give a penalty when Danny Murphy was brought down.

"The ball moved to the angle as Michael Carrick challenged him and from that position, it wasn't clear.

"It was a good claim but you could go through millions of things like that.

"Every club gets breaks here and there, you get good ones and bad ones.

"It evens itself out over the season, that will never change."

United are looking to improve on their questionable record of just two victories in 11 visits to Blackburn on Monday night and are aided by having a clear week to prepare.

However, Ferguson admitted that it is uncomfortable watching other teams play European games in midweek.

"We have been used to playing midweek games for so long that you do miss it," said the United boss.

"The players miss it too. Yes, we do get freshness but you can't have it all ways. We would rather be in the Champions League."

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