Updated: Monday, 20th January 2020 @ 2:08pm

'Madchester' legend is Manchester Quiz Master

'Madchester' legend is Manchester Quiz Master

By Alexandra Moerschner

The ’World Famous Pub Quiz’ rolled up to Manchester’s Northern Quarter once again last night.

Elliot Eastwick took to the mic at The Black Dog Ballroom to give a stand up performance of what would normally be your average quiz.

However he’s no average guy; he’s a ‘Madchester’ veteran, a legend of the early 90s club scene, and now a quiz master champion.

The quiz took place in the intimate ballroom of what locals like to call ‘The Dog’, a bar fast becoming the most popular in Northern Quarter and a nominee for best bar in Manchester’s Food and Drink Festival.

Rachel Lydon, Events and Marketing manager of The Black Dog Ballroom, said: “It’s the first time Elliot’s quiz has come to the Black Dog but we hope it’s going to be regular occurrence for us.”

He’s known locally as the original Hacienda resident DJ, alongside the infamous Miles Holloway.

These days he’s the reigning National Quiz Union Winner, hosting for the likes of Coldplay and the Gallagher brothers, back stage at Glastonbury, live on T4 and pretty much all over the globe since 1999.

From the beginning of the quiz you can see why he’s popular. Brimming with classic northern humour, he tells a very personal joke about another Manchester man, Mick Hucknall, that gets the crowd going.

He harks back to the good old days when TV stars decided they could make music, and when Cannon and Ball and Bullseye were on the TV.

Max Lawrence, barman at The Black Dog Ballroom, said: “I’m a big fan. We crossed paths many moons ago when he used to play a great night in Leeds.

“It’s great to see him still knocking around Manchester and as a southerner I can honestly say its people like him that keep you up here.”

When asked what was going on musically for Elliot, he said: “Oh no, the thought of going back to that scene isn’t a good one!”

Despite this, he clearly still has a fan base, and will be playing for them at the 6th Annual ‘Yellow Reunion’ at Manchester’s Ruby Lounge on the 23rd Oct.

You can also catch Elliot on Resolution Radio Station 96.2fm.