Updated: Friday, 22nd May 2020 @ 2:15pm

Britain's binge boozing culture puts women at top of Europe's tipple table

Britain's binge boozing culture puts women at top of Europe's tipple table

by Tom Byrne

A MANCHESTER landlord laid into female binge drinkers this week after a recent study revealed Britain’s women to be the heaviest drinkers in Europe.

Figures released last week by Drink Aware show that British women drink twice as much as any other nation.

And the landlord of The Waldorf in Manchester's town centre, Wayne Nuttall, said: “There’s almost a competitive element nowadays, with women trying to prove they can drink as much as men.

“It has got to the stage that people aren’t even drinking to enjoy themselves, they drink with the intention of getting drunk and I’m noticing it more and more with women.

“The problem is binge drinking as a whole, but it is more noticeable in women because it is a more recent problem, whereas it has always been there with men.”

The study also revealed that one in six women over the age of 16 drink more than double their recommended daily amount of three units.

Tiger Tiger clubber Simon Sharpe, 22, said: “There's always trouble when you go out but the girls are the worst. I've seen quite a few legless and screaming at each other - and a few slaps."

Latest figures show that alcohol-related deaths have jumped by 20 per cent for women from 2001 to 2007.

Manchester student Kate Riley, 23, said: “Like most people I’ve had nights when I’ve drunk far too much, but when you see girls stumbling around the city centre off their faces it’s embarrassing.”

For more information about alcohol visit the Drink Aware website www.drinkaware.co.uk