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Gig Review: Bravestation @ Dry Bar

Gig Review: Bravestation @ Dry Bar

By Will De Nardo

Bravestation @ Dry Bar, Manchester 25/05/2011

Not getting let into the venue to begin with was not the ideal start to my first ever experience with this four-piece from Canada (a minor confusion soon sorted out), but despite this, Bravestation’s performance at the Dry Bar certainly made things better.

Although the sound system occasionally may not have been doing the band’s bright sound justice (the vocals occasionally got lost) Bravestation’s combination of jangly guitars, laced with synthesized sound meant the guys from Toronto had no problems creating the appropriate atmosphere in the popular underground venue.

The turn out seemed to be based on quality over quantity, the audience although a little depleted wasted no time in showing their appreciation.

After the first few songs it became obvious the band had a definitive style, the new-wave guitar sounds and driving drums, although a little samey in places, made very enjoyable listening.

I'm hoping this will not be my last Bravestation experience.