Updated: Thursday, 26th April 2018 @ 5:50pm

Piccadilly Pulse: Should Gaddafi have been tried or executed for his crimes?

Piccadilly Pulse: Should Gaddafi have been tried or executed for his crimes?

By Sam Cordon & Owen Williams

Colonal Gaddafi was shot dead yesterday in his hometown of Sirte, the last loyalist stronghold in Libya. 

The news is being met with celebration by Libyans, after being under his rule for more than four decades.

Gaddafi was trying to flee the city and was found hiding in a hole in the ground where he is reported to have said “don’t shoot.”  He was wanted by the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity, which prompted MM to ask the question:

Should Gaddafi have been tried for crimes against humanity, rather than executed?

Options Results
Yes 67%
No 30%
Neither 0%
Gaddafi who? 3%

Per Kristian, 26, Student, Norway

“Any man who’s killed should be tried”

Mr Mayor, 67, retired, Bolton

“They did a good job”

Heather Nicholson, 18, student, Middlesborough

“Yes, it would have been fairer, more democratic.”

Rhiannon Sheehan, 18, student, Leeds

“I don’t believe in execution, just because he has killed loads of people doesn’t mean you can kill him.”

Delicia, 22, student, visiting Manchester from Dubai

“I know a few Libyans and they are happy he is dead but some would have a liked to see him stand trial.

It would have been better justified if he had been tried, death is the easy way out.”

Shazzy, 45, teacher, visiting Manchester from Dubai.

“I think he deserved what he got.” 

James Williams, 70, physician, visiting Manchester from America

“I’m not unhappy he’s gone but he should have been tried”

Susan Warren, 50, carer, Stretford.

“He was a bad man and he deserved what he got, what goes around comes around.”

Marie Challenor, 33, mum, Stetford

“I think he should have stood trial, he would suffer more if he was sent to jail.  He got out easy being killed.”

Brian Smith, 49, engineer, Wythenshawe

“He should have been tried first then executed … actually no he should have been shot.”

Sam Stoke, 26, barista, Manchester

“He suffered an undignified death, he called his people rats, and then he died like a rat in a sink hole – ironic really.

Ideally he should have stood trial, but in the real word if I were a rebel and I was out in the desert with a gun and I found Gaddafi, I don’t think I could have had the restraint not to kill him.”

Ailsa MacMillan, 21, trainee journalist, Northumberland.

“He should have been tried and left to rot in prison.”