Gig Review: The Stations @ Dry Bar 10/09/11

By Amy Senior

The stations appeared on stage greeting the grungy audience with thick Yorkshire accents and seemingly diminished as the once four-piece band now stand at an unimpressive looking duo.

However, what they lack in members they more than compensate with in talent.  The two Jessen brothers are clearly on the same page as they kick out some well-polished songs to an enthusiastic reception.

Sean’s strong drum riffs are effortless to the point where he looks like he could hold a pint and still play the same.  Ben on the other hand is understandably more animated as the front man, providing a solid performance on guitar and a suitably gruff voice to some good lyrics.

 Their first EP Part I, to be released later this month, shows off some of their latest songs with Lost & Found as their chosen first single.  The song offers the intense angsty sound you might find on a Paramore track but for something more upbeat try shakedown to get you jumping up and down.

For more information on the band visit: www.thestations.co.uk


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