Manchester Opera House brings Roald Dahl’s George’s Marvellous Medicine to life

By Felicity Robertson

George’s Marvellous Medicine showcased its debut night at Manchester Opera House on Monday.

The Roald Dahl classic has been turned into a family friendly play for the half-term period.

The adaptation by David Wood is characteristically panto with lots of audience interaction for the young children.

Families flocked to the Opera House in droves to see the magical show. The acting and effects were superb as Grandma, played by Deborah Vale, swallowed the medicine and instantly inflated then shot through the ceiling.

I for one couldn’t work out entirely how it was done, so the children watching must have been mystified…

Grandma was fantastic but petrifying at the same time. Deborah Vale really managed to portray the scary grandma we all feared as children, with some little audience members deciding to hide behind their seats as she bellowed on stage.

The tales of witches and magical powers will certainly leave younger ones with sleepless nights!

Dahl’s story of young George is strewn with the bizarre and outrageous with an array of grotesque and unpleasant characters that are depicted excellently in this stage version.

The play was a great treat for children with lots of farmyard animals and mischief. You can still see the play up until Wednesday, February 22.

For tickets visit http://www.atgtickets.com/venue/Opera-House-Manchester/172/

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