Piccadilly Pulse: Have you ever kept a New Year’s resolution?

By Alex Morrisey

The post-Christmas lull is usually a time for turkey sandwiches, excessive drinking and thinking about which bad habits should be corrected in the New Year.

So as 2013 blossoms across the globe, MM took to the streets to see how many Mancunians are disciplined enough to stay true to their word.

We asked Mancunians: Have you ever kept a New Year’s resolution?


Here we have an entertaining selection of the successes and failures of our poll takers resolutions.

William Robinson,23, a former student from Fallowfield, said: “I did the obvious one and tried to give up beer one year, it lasted until the evening on New Year’s day when someone suggested hair of the dog was a good plan.”

Janet Fletcher, 43, from Longsight, said: “When I was younger I had a sherbet addiction but my newsagent said he would go out of business if I gave up so I had to carry on.”

Laura Thomson, 38, a hairdresser from Stockport, said: ”I get a gym membership every year go for a few months then stop going, it’s a waste of time really.”

Christopher Keats, 26, from Levenshulme, said: “I promised my girlfriend I would stop going to watch Manchester City away from home but I have to admit I went to a couple, I hope she doesn’t read this.”

Rory Brown, 22, a café worker from Stockport, said: “I used to sit for hours watching Sky Sports News, I got nothing done so I gave it up, and I have managed it all year.”

Sophie Kirk, 33, from Oldham, said: “Next year I want to be classier that means no swearing, no onesies and no getting too drunk.”

Steven Andrews, 24, from Altrincham, said: “I thought I had gone a whole year without smoking once until my mate produced a picture of me with a cigar on a night out, it doesn’t count if you can’t remember.”

Anne Homes, 53, a teacher from Bowden, said: “I banned myself from coffee last year it was the hardest thing I have ever had to do.”

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