Some might say… – 02/04/2011

By Ben Lugg

Eighties pop icons, puzzling sculptures and the FA cup semi-final have all made the headlines this week.

Here in MM’s weekly ‘Some Might Say…’, we take a light hearted look at some of the week’s biggest news and sport sound bites…


 “If the new album, Splinter, is a pile of poo, then I don’t deserve to be here.”

Gary Numan explains why you are only as good as your last album ahead of his concert at Manchester Academy tonight.


“It’s hard to do something in a public place and not get some flack”

Sculpture designer Terry Eaton concedes his artwork in Middleton town centre has left some people confused, as the council decides to install a plaque explaining the meaning of his ‘Moonraker’ fountain.


“We play pranks on him from time to time just to bring him into the English spirit”

City winger Shaun Wright-Philips reveals how players have helped Italian striker Mario Balotelli settle down to life at the club.


“We were a bit disappointed at first – we didn’t want it to overshadow our big day or for anyone to fall out.”

United fan Suzanne O’Hara and City supporter Andrew Appleby admit they were concerned when they discovered their wedding would clash with the FA Cup semi-final between their two teams.


“We’re not sure why it happens really”

Chris Greener from online travel firm Outgoing, is perplexed as to why sat navs constantly send his customers to a location three kilometres down the road from their office in Wilmslow.


“All the specialists have been positive and said I should make a 100 per cent recovery. That is all I wanted to hear.”

Former United and England captain Brian Robson is confident he will recover after the successful removal of a tumour in his neck.

“It’s every drag queens dream: Sequins feathers and a bit of Kylie”

Manchester Hairdresser David Crowden explains why he continues to perform his tribute to the Australian pop star.


“I missed it – that’s what I do. And the money”

Eighties pop sensation Adam Ant reveals the real reasons he has started performing again ahead of his summer concert in Manchester.


“I thought reaching the final 10 was pretty huge and worthy of staying with me forever.”

Manchester Master Chef hopeful explains why he got the program logo tattooed on his chest.


“It’s a fine-quality product like the people who are getting married.”

 Michael Lees-Jones of Middleton brewery JW Lees tells people why they should celebrate with their royal wedding themed beer this April.


“It’s going to be absolute chaos”

Sir Alex Ferguson is worried about the number people converging on London on the 16thand 17th April as Stoke, Bolton, City, United and Liverpool fans travel to the capital.

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