Conservative Party Conference: A guide to the best of the fringe

By Henry Hill

The Freedom Zone: Not strictly one fringe event, but a whole program of such events held by The Freedom Association that lasts for the entire conference. There are speakers and debates every day, on top of free wifi and newspapers, all in the Bridgewater Hall. Definitely a highlight of conference. Check out more at

An Evening with the Rt. Honourable Iain Duncan Smith MP: Iain Duncan Smith was once one of the Conservative Party’s most disastrous leaders and now the articulate voice of its social conscience. The evening is hosted by Fraser Nelson, Editor of the Spectator. A rare opportunity to meet one of the Ministers at the centre of the Coalition’s reform agenda. Livingstone Room, the Radison Edwardian Hotel. 5.45pm, on Tuesday 4 October.
The Individual vs. The State – The Battle for Lifestyle Freedom: A debate organised by the Adam Smith Institute with speakers including an MP, the Directors of Big Brother Watch and the ASI and Alex Massie the Spectator. Promises to be a fascinating discussion. The Livingstone Room, the Radison Edwardian Hotel. 5pm on Sunday 2 October.


Europe, Time for Action: A rally held by the Bruges Group, the Conservative Party’s Eurosceptic pressure-group which includes two controversial speakers: Dr David Starkey, the historian whose comments on Newsnight about ‘whites becoming black’ kicked off a storm in the wake of the riots; and Mr Timo Soini, leader of Finland UKIP-style True Finns party who has called immigrants ‘parasites’. Should be an explosive meeting. The Comedy Store, Deansgate. 2.30pm on Monday 3 October.


The UK Music Great Political Pub Quiz: Hosted by Feargul Sharkey and ‘other special guests’, this promises to be an entertaining evening. If you’re one of the many who doubt that political people can be fundamentally normal, maybe this will change your mind. The Alibi, 8pm on Monday 3 October

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