Piccadilly Pulse: Obama or Romney – Who would win your vote in the US presidential election?

By Paddy von Behr

As the 2012 United States presidential election draws near, MM took to the streets to find out who the people of Manchester would vote for.

The election takes place on Tuesday November 6 and will see democrat president Barack Obama running against republican candidate Mitt Romney.

Obama is looking to win a second term in office, while Romney seeks to end the president’s tenure and re-instate Republican leadership of the US.

And the results of our poll were conclusive, revealing Manchester’s overwhelming preference for Obama.

Who would you vote for in the US presidential election?




Barack Obama


Mitt Romney


Don’t care







Richard Earl, 45, from Doncaster said: “I just think Romney is a little bit too right-wing, that’s the only reason.  I don’t think Obama’s particularly brilliant but he’s the better option.”

Michael Rogers, 60, from Ardwick told MM that Obama deserves more time to address the issues with his tenure.

He said: “Give him another four years.  How long did Mr Bush have? He had eight years and I think Mr Obama should have eight years – I like him.”

Jackie Hollingworth, 60, from Leeds agreed: “I just feel he has got more charisma and now he has got the contacts with the world, so he’s not starting from scratch. He understands what’s going on and I think that’s extremely important.”

Hannah Jessop, 19, from Crewe, said: “He’s bringing America into the 21st Century, because he supports legalisation of gay marriage and he is just more appealing – he appeals to a wider audience and makes younger people interested in politics.”

Despite the one-sided result, Romney wasn’t completely without his supporters, who believe Obama has not lived up to his promises from the last election.

James Andrews, a student from Salford, said: “Barack Obama hasn’t used his time as president well and he’s disappointed a lot of people.  I don’t think he is a bad president, but it is time for a change.”

Mark Smith, 27, from Old Trafford, made a similar point: “Just the way things have been going on, obviously he has not made changes to the system that he said he would, so what do we want? We want someone new to do that, don’t we?”

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