Circus freak shows, sidekick dwarves and thongs: All in a day’s DJ work for Sankeys headliner Kryder

By Mancunian Matters staff

In celebration of Manchester’s finest electronic-dance club Sankeys turning 18, rising DJ Kryder will be playing his debut headline slot at the club this Friday.

And ahead of his gig, which MM are offering free tickets for here, the Manchester-based prodigy threw caution to the wind on his usual anonymity to chat about the international DJ scene, a record deal with Armada music and a summer of hardcore shows.

Kryder detonated his career last year and has since garnered support from Tiesto, Swedish House Mafia, Pete Tong and Calvin Harris.

Adopting an iconic visor or top hat while welcoming a Mexican wrestling dwarf to rule the stage, Kryder is a melodious genius who ignites the atmosphere wherever he plays.

Ahead of Friday’s performace, the prospect of playing in front of Manchester’s music fans is a dream come true.

“I absolutely love Sankeys!” he said.

“The crowd are really clued up musically, which allows me to road test my new productions and if you get a good reaction you know you’ve got a hit on your hands.

“Their sound system, the low ceilings, the atmosphere and fantastic hospitality makes Sankeys an amazing place to DJ.”

Kryder has remixed for the leading dance labels including Warner Bros, EMI, Polydor and Ministry of Sound, and more recently teamed up with The Voice finalist Bo Bruce – but planning sets can often lead to distractions.

“Nothing is ever planned with my sets,” he added. “It just seems to go wrong very quickly. But saying that, at my last Sankeys gig I collected ten pairs of thongs!”

He was launched into the world of DJing after playing to an 8,000-strong crowd in the main room of legendary Ibiza club Privilege as a guest of Tiesto.

But the Mancunian star expressed his adoration for the city’s major music events, which have cemented our place in the subversive world.

“Having clubs that are globally recognised like Sankeys and The Warehouse Project – with both bringing amazing international DJ talent to the city and then small underground club nights hosted by upcoming local talent – put Manchester’s electronic music scene at the top of its game.”

He added: “I’ve been in Manchester on and off for the last ten years. I spend my time between here and London. From the first time I came to the city I just loved the way the Mancunians knew how to have it hard!”

His shows always include his sidekick dwarf music production genius, upfront tracks and Kryder adopts an alter-ego when playing – something vital to his unpredictable nature.

Speaking about his on-stage anonymity, he said: “For me it’s about the extraordinary not the ordinary.

“Being Kryder is giving people a character to either love or hate! I think dance music can become too serious sometimes, to me my music is serious and my behaviour is outrageous.

“Anonymity is always good when you’re up to no good!”

After Sankeys, he’ll be teaming up with Eddie Halliwell and Judge Jules at Judgement Sundays, then making a cordial appearance at Scotland’s Wickerman festival before finishing off an amazing summer at Creamfields.

But before all that, you can have the chance to be part of the masses and commence the coming of age summer extravagance that is set to takeover Sankeys by emailing for tickets here.

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