Eat your heart out Milan: Manchester’s next big street style photographer The Mancorialist hits the city’s streets

By Helen Le Caplain

A homeless man shuffled towards a sharply-dressed photographer on Station Approach earlier this year and said: “You can take my picture, if you give me a quid.”

Normally it’s the photographer who approaches their subject, however this didn’t faze the powerhouse behind Manchester’s newest self-titled photography blog, The Mancorialist.

He merely smiled, took a few photos and gave the man his fee.

Two months later this brazen beggar became the striking face of the blog’s Twitter account.

Taking inspiration from the hugely successful Sartorialist blogger Scott Schuman, The Mancorialist scours the streets of Manchester looking for his next muse.

“It’s not necessarily a fashion blog, it’s just that those people who do dress well and/or extravagantly inevitably catch your eye and don’t mind the attention” he explains.

“Manchester is the main inspiration behind it; I want to capture images of the people who are the fabric of Manchester.

“The Sartorialist is moving around in fashion circles – this is more real life.”

Gritty portraits and scenes of everyday life are juxtaposed alongside more traditional fashion poses.

The Mancorialist has undertaken numerous photographic jobs but is now looking forward to snapping the good, bad and ugly of Manchester and beyond.

When talking to him about the purpose of the blog, he reveals that he wants to re-create online the experience of watching the world go by from a café window.

He said: “Everyone likes to people-watch that is why people like cafeterias, they can sit, have a drink and take a look at people going by.”

And when it comes to choosing the location of his photo shoots said that it’s very much down to chance.

He explained: “It’s very much an organic process. It’s almost an instinctive thing, I photograph what I like.”

And even Mancunians of the four-legged variety are getting in on the act with a number of photogenic pooches featuring on the site.  

“The whole point of the site is to make it a network of people who instantly recognise the blog and themselves on the site and share it with others.”

So keep your eyes peeled for a dapper chap armed with a camera; you may be his next featured star.

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