Piccadilly Pulse: Libya – 04/07/2011

By Alex Johnston & Iram Ramzan

MM takes to the city’s streets to find out Manchester’s opinion on the issue of the week – Libya.

This week’s question:

Would you support a UN intervention in Libya?

ABDUL AZIZ ALI, 19, Student: Maybe America should send their troops into Libya

SAMI GOR, 28, Hulme: Bad idea. It’s a Libyan issue, and it’s all about money and oil, just like in Iraq

MO, 24, Student, Chorlton: Why is the US planning to go in? They should realise that the Libyan people don’t want the UN in.

ANDREAS KALLOURIS, 80, Retired, Salford: It’s the only way to stop the killing. (We should use violence against violence).

FREDDIE HARRISON, 24, PR, City Centre: Gaddafi needs to go. We should let the US deal with it- they like doing that don’t they? How can the government make budget cuts and then send troops? I want to know where the troops are going to come from, i.e. will they come from other countries, e.g. Iraq and Afghanistan and go into Libya?

MARIA, 33, City Centre:  Don’t know…let’s see if they can sort it out themselves first. Gaddafi should go. The people should elect their own leaders without the UN.

MUHAMMAD ALI, 22, Student, Swinton: The British public should do something to help Libyans; UN forces should go in only if there is a civil war.

BAYDA’A NASRALLA, 28, Sale: Yes, it is an international affair; people’s safety is at risk, especially the Libyan population. A humanitarian effort should be made.

PETE SMITH, 58, History Teacher, City Centre: Definitely Not. We’re overstretched as it is, both militarily and financially. We could impose sanctions, but they’ll be half hearted. We all want his oil!

WILLIAM DYSON, 18, Student, Fallowfield: It’s good in a modern society to have a superpower and the US to get involved. There are countries that have no stability and cannot control themselves. The UN is very important in this world.

FATIMA AL ZAHRANI, 33, Student: No. The Libyans should choose their own leaders and decide their own matters.

MUHAMMAD AL AMRI, 25, City Centre: The British people need to help Libya, as Gaddafi is just killing people; maybe 2000 now, isn’t it? The people need help to get rid of him. If necessary, then the military should be involved.

TAYBAH IMTIAZ, 21, Studying law and French, Whitefield: Yes. It’s their [UN] role. They should send in peacekeeping troops. But it depends how long they should stay for…

AMANDA, 19, Unemplyed; & NATALIE KILROY, 19, on Gap year: The UN should leave it be; we don’t want another war. No one helps us in this country so why should we send troops there? There’ll be losses of innocent lives on both sides.

MAUREEN DEVLIN, 69, Housewife, Rossendale: No. No more trouble.

RAVI AHUJA, 29, Software Professional, Milton Keynes: Yes. It’s beneficial for the whole world.

PHILLIPA DEWEY, Design Director, Crewe: No. No troops. But. It’s difficult to say…I don’t know much about the situation.


Piccadilly Poll

Would you support a UN intervention in Libya?

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