I thought I was being a Good Samaritan, but was beaten and hijacked instead: Drunk yobs lure Oldham man into trap

Exclusive by Dean Wilkins

Giving a lost wallet back to its owner is a good deed most people would be happy to help with.

But for one Good Samaritan the scenario was a vicious trap set by drunken yobs who had waited to prowl on any unfortunate passer-by in Oldham.

Snow, sleet and blizzard conditions battered Greater Manchester for the third time in two weeks last night, as motorists battled hazardous roads to make it home safely.

And the treacherous surfaces are even more daunting when riding a motorbike, but retail assistant Aaron Gaulter was forced to brave the conditions after finishing the late shift.

Despite the blistery weather, his journey home only took a turn for the worse when he was forced to pull into a nearby Tesco petrol station and tend to a gear problem.

“After I stopped and wiped the ice and snow from my bike I was about to set off back home when I saw someone had accidently dropped their wallet,” Mr Gaulter told MM.

“I’ve done it myself, these things happen and I thought the owner may be inside or filling up so I picked it up and was about to take it over to the cashier when I was speared over by a man who came from nowhere.”

The 22-year-old was set upon by an unknown attacker who had lured him into dropping his guard as he attempted to handover the wallet.

“I was thrown onto my back, and smacked my head on the ground – luckily I was still wearing my helmet,” he added. “But the bloke was joined by his mate and they began to threaten me to give up my bike.

“I refused and, alarmingly, realised that I was on my own – by this time we were well out of sight of any motorists and I was absolutely terrified. You just don’t expect these things to happen.”

Mr Gaulter watched as the brutal duo hijacked his bike and attempted to push it down the road away from the garage on Oldham Road, leaving him shaken and isolated.

“I didn’t know what to do, so I rang my housemate and he came and picked me up,” he added.

“The snow was coming down thick and fast and it was 1am so hardly anyone was around.”

After half an hour of waiting in freezing temperatures, Mr Gaulter and his friend were on their way home about to phone police about the night’s event.

But half a mile down the road, the stolen bike was found overturned and abandoned.

“The weather was horrible and they must’ve definitely had a few to even contemplate stealing a bike without the keys,” said Mr Gaulter.

“We found the bike ditched and rolled over, thankfully they actually pushed it with care and didn’t damage anything too severe – except putting me off future good deeds.”

Mr Gaulter managed to drive his stolen bike back home and recover from the horrendous trap set for him by two mindless thugs.

He is now warning fellow motorists to be vigilant about using quiet petrol stations at night, especially as snow warnings predict further disruption in the coming weeks.

“I’m just thankful that it was me they found, it could’ve been a young girl or elderly person on their own – no doubt they would’ve been a lot more aggressive if it had also been someone in a car!” he finished.

“It just goes to show that round here, even helping people is risky business.”

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