The £10 challenge – 05/03/2011

By Joe Cummings

MM’s weekly guide on the best way to spend a tenner in the city centre.

Raging against the machine?

Gearing up for a protest?

This weekend, MM recommends that the best way to spend a tenner is to head down to Afflecks Palace and see the guys at Stick ‘Em Up Art to get a t-shirt printed.

Bring in your own or buy in-house and let the world know what political cause, LOLcat meme or celebrity outrage is pushing your buttons.

Our Sports Editor is currently wearing a t-shirt that says “I’m on work experience! Don’t Shoot!”, while one of our reporters is sporting the slightly more political “Charlie Sheen is the future!”.

Well, they will let you print anything….

Stick ‘Em Up Art, Afflecks Palace, 10:30 AM – 6PM,  Monday – Saturday

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