First & Last… with operatic tenor Martin Toal

By Emma Arnold

Mancunian Martin Toal is one of the UK’s leading operatic tenors.

Born and raised in Sale, Martin has gone from teacher to operatic star, performing the national anthem at Wembley in front of 90,000 people and a worldwide TV audience of millions for England’s Euro 2008 qualifier against Israel.

Here’s how he fared in MM’s quick-fire ‘First and Last’…

What was the first CD you owned?

A Day at the Races – Queen (Freddie Mercury is one of my inspirations).
What is the last film you watched?

The King’s Ransom – brilliant, especially Geoffrey Rush.

Who is the first Mancunian that you would choose to spend a day with? 

Shaun Ryder. He seems a normal person who would be a great laugh.
Who is the last Mancunian that you would choose to spend a day with?

I could mention a few people but I will be diplomatic on this one!

What is the first thing you think of when someone says Manchester to you? 

Rain…and friendly people.

It’s your last day on earth and you are in Manchester – What do you spend it doing? 

Making sure I say goodbye to my closest family who all live in Manchester!

What CD would you take to a desert island? 

Apart from ARIA CELTICA (my own!), I would take my Best of the Smiths CD as the lyrics like “If a double decker bus crashes into us…etc” always cheer me up when I’m feeling a little down.

What drink would you take to a desert island (water is provided)?

Champagne .. dry and refreshing!

What is the last book that you read? 

I don’t have time to read books as I spend my free time learning new songs or organising concerts. When I do read, I prefer newspapers.

What was the first club/bar you visited in Manchester? 

Hacienda … but I much preferred to go to a small club called the Conti Club off Princess Street. Always a great night out with others who enjoyed partying!
City or United?

That would be telling! I’ve sung at both grounds so will stay neutral on this one!


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