The Mancorialist corner: Hats off to Manchester’s finest purveyors of headwear

They say you never choose a hat, it chooses you…or was that a cat?
From Winston Churchill to Greto Garbo through to Sherlock Holmes and even Abraham Lincoln, it’s hard to separate their iconic images from the hats they wear.

Throughout history the hat has personified the largest of characters and has become just as recognisable as their portraits.
A hat has a way of suggesting a certain mystery that prevokes curiosity inside the onlooker, it’s the difference between being dressed and being dressed-up.

A hat can be a contradiction, it acts as a shield or armour to protect that hangover you worked so hard to achieve.

But on the other hand a hat also acts as a badge of pride and is something that takes great confidence to don on fashion-conscious streets.
And the streets of Manchester are no exception.

You’re never far away from fashion’s bravest and most effective accessory, so next time you see the intriguing curves of a Bowler hat on Tibb St, underneath it could be the next big thing.

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