Cossack is the new black

by News Associates reporters

IT’S OFFICIAL – the Cossack look is back.

Well, so the Daily Telegraph’s fashionistas tell us.

The Sentinel’s Holly Brooke-Smith and Kif Hussain hit the streets to find out what Mancs think about this autumn’s Ruski inspired attire.

Temperatures are dropping every day, and now is the time to wrap up warm. 

But will these readers be donning a Cossack hat?

Our roving reporters hit the streets of Manchester to find out…

“I like the hat but I don’t think I’d wear all the rest of that stuff. 
“I’m not interested in what’s fashionable, I just want to stay warm and dry.”

Allikarjun Hulkund, 62, India

“Maybe if it was really cold, but you can’t really wear something like that day to day.
“I do think that girls can get away with things like that more than men though.”

Beth Thomson, 17, Bolton

“No, I’d feel too self-conscious. I wouldn’t look good and I’d feel so stupid in one of those hats. You have to be a certain type of person to get away with that sort of stuff.”

Matimba Swana, 22, Manchester

“Yes I actually have a hat like that already.  But I only wear it when I’m drinking because it’s such a joke. 
“It’s definitely not a serious fashion statement.”

Alex Healey, 18, Salford

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