Former X Factor hopeful Kitty Brucknell on inspiring chats with Lady Gaga, being bullied at school and gay rights

By Sam Taylor

“If I’m honest I fell to pieces. I was really upset about leaving the show.”

Lady Gaga impersonator Kitty Brucknell received mixed reviews during her six week stint on the X Factor last year.

She regularly ended up in the sing-offs and claims she battled with ‘cut throats’ who ruthlessly tried to scheme their way to victory.

But it was all worth it when her idol Lady Gaga, who had made a guest appearance on the show, charged out onto the stage to comfort her moments after she had been voted out the competition.

“She must have thought I was a blubbering nutcase,” Kitty joked.

Gaga then welcomed her protégé to her dressing room, where they had a chat about Kitty’s career.

“I promised her I wouldn’t talk about it too much,” Kitty recalled. “But she was pretty amazing, very lovely, really knowledgeable and so huggable.

“I’m really grateful to her, I haven’t spoken to her since – people like her don’t have a lot of free time. But a lot of things changed for me after that meeting.”

And now, Kitty’s dreams of becoming a singing superstar are on the edge of glory.

With more than 100,000 Twitter followers, Kitty reveals to MM that she is working on new material.

She has also left fans screaming with excitement as she’s weeks away from launching a new website and revealed photographs under the ‘Glamour or Damage’ range.

Kitty describes her new material as very dark. “I write from experience, from times that mean something to me.”

She remembered how she was bullied at school for her ginger hair, glasses and for being slightly overweight.

“The popular kids said some really mean things to me,” she said. “I just can’t help but think things would have been slightly different if there was someone like Lady Gaga to look up to.”

She used to sing in class and from then on forms a personal connection to her favourite songs.

“Music is very personal. A movie can take you on a journey but it can take a few hours when a song can do it in just a few minutes.”

And that’s part of the reason why she was so disappointed she didn’t get the chance to sing Gaga’s Born This Way on the X Factor.

“I was so gutted,” she said. “It’s such an empowering, overwhelming song.”

She watches the X Factor every week and never fails to send a good luck text to former mentor Louis Walsh.

“Louis is just amazing, a real rock star. He’s so different in person,” she said. “He would tell you when you were a bit crap but he had a great sense of humour, always told funny jokes and was quite sarcastic.”

Although she thinks former contestant Rylan could sell a record, she’s backing Jaheme this year.

“He’s got a wonderful, genuine personality and I like that about people,” she said.

She added: “It’s what I like about Lady Gaga. I was quite ill at one stage and Lady Gaga in general helped me get through it. Her music and personality remind me not to be afraid.

“And I love to help people with music. It’s a real blessing to do that.

“Music is really good for helping people gain the confidence to come out. Also I think it helps that attitudes have changed so much.

“There’s been a revolution on gay rights over the past few years. Look at the states that recently legalised gay marriage and Barack Obama’s endorsement of it.

“Even in the first series of X Factor it was kept quiet, but now you’ve got contestants like Lucy Spraggan and Rylan who embrace it so well.”

Not forgetting Jaymi Hensley from Union J, who came out last week.

“It’s great, I’m so lucky to be living in a time it’s so open,” she added. “It’s very exciting because I am a very eccentric artist.

“It’s great to be who I am without fear of reprisal.”

Clearly the chat with Lady Gaga made an impression on her.

Image courtesy of Twitter, with thanks.

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