Review: Indigestion @ Nexus Arts Café

By Will De Nardo

Not really knowing what to expect from this original production, other than that I was going to get fed, I was rather intrigued when I was seated at a table, in the middle of a café, with five other people I’d never met before.

The show claimed to be ‘pushing the boundaries of theatre’, something which first came to light when the café’s waitress just burst into song, snatching everyone’s attention away from the vegetable couscous and the awkward conversations they had been forced into with the complete strangers they were sat with.

She sang about the anguishes of being on minimum wage and having to deal with difficult customers.

It soon became obvious this would become a reoccurring theme as cast members seated at random, at different tables across the room soon followed suit.

A young couple, who were sat on my table and prior to the show starting had told me they were on a first date, invited the audience to listen to their inner monologues as they sung about that awkward moment when you realise you don’t have very much in common.

As the show went on more characters were introduced, seated at different tables across the café, a middle aged couple and a schizophrenic writer, whose failing career meant he must moonlight as his alter ego, a cruel food critic to pay the bills.

Music was provided by just a pianist and violinist, which considering the nature of the venue worked quite well. The song lyrics were witty at times and in the most part made for enjoyable listening.

Indigestion is certainly an individual concept and as a first production it is something that New Space Productions should be proud of. Although it was certainly not flawless, this is an idea that could be developed into something quite extraordinary. Recommended.

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