Piccadilly Pulse: Who will win the Manchester derby – City or United?

By Kim Richards

In the modern-day battle of Manchester, two of the country’s greatest football teams face off in what is sure to be the Premier League’s pre-Christmas cracker.

Of course, we’re talking about Manchester United travelling to City’s Etihad Stadium in a bid to reclaim the throne and silence their so-called ‘noisy neighbours’.

We took to the streets of Manchester to ask:

Who will win the Manchester derby tomorrow, City or United?


Manchester City


Manchester United







Here’s what Mancunian football fans had to say:

Matt Carpenter, 19, a student from Manchester, said: “Last season I would have picked City, hands down, but now I think a draw with hopefully loads of goals.”

Jenny Maghull, 24, an office worker from Salford, said: “I think United. Just because Sir Alex Ferguson has more experience and City got beat in the week.”

Martin Samson, 39 an IT worker from Stockport, said: “United. United all the way. This time next season I will have 20 on my t-shirt because we will have 20 Premier League trophies and that will be because we will win this weekend.”

Sarah-Louise Jones, 18, a waitress from Rochdale, said: “City have to win because we did rubbish in the week and in Europe but we are unbeaten in the [Premier] League and United and Fergie are past it.”

Mo Adhul, 36, a taxi driver from Manchester, said: “I think a draw. City don’t look as good as last year but they’re still the best team in the Premier League, but United always get the results when it is important.”

Mandeep Hestara, 24 from Moston, said: “City have got this for sure, I hope it is a 6-1 again to be honest! United have a rubbish defence these days and we should be able to finish them off this weekend.”

Colin McDalahour, 53, retired from Chorley, said: “Draw. Definitely. It will be difficult for both teams and it is hard to pick between them at the moment because they have both got good squads and strong results.”

Anna Mathews, 21, a student from Fallowfield, said: “I’m a Chelsea fan, so I’d prefer a draw, but if they both could lose that would be great!”

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