Piccadilly Pulse: Rooney-gate – 08/04/2011

By Charlotte Duncker & Kathryn Cummings

Following the FA’s decision to ban Wayne Rooney for two matches after he swore into a television camera last weekend MM decided to take to the streets to see what people’s thoughts on the incident were.

Kellie Flaherty, 23, Manchester, Full time mum

I am a devoted United fan but I hate Rooney. He’s known as Shrek but Shrek doesn’t swear does he?

James Lees, 40, New Mills, full-time carer

I think it’s just a case of the FA being against United. He wasn’t out of order you only need to go down to watch kids on a Sunday playing football and you hear the parents effing and jeffing. It’s always United that this happens to, other players swear on the football pitch and nothing has happened to them.

Anonymous, 57, Manchester

I think the ban was dead right. He should have got longer. Kids idolise him and want to be like him. They repeat what they hear them saying. If Rio Ferdinand got a one year ban for missing a drugs test then Rooney should definitely be given a harsher sentence.

Eddie Haynes, 22, Manchester, Student

I think it was the right decision. He is supposed to be a role model for lots of people so he should be behaving more like one.

Kirk Wilson, 22, Manchester, Student

It was definitely the right decision to ban him, he probably should have been banned for longer. Premiership players forget that they are role models and especially with all this talk about the RESPECT campaign at the moment it was definitely the right decision.

Tim Faircrugh, 21, Manchester, Student

Swearing is part of a learning curve and part of growing up. You hear it on the pitch all the time but you expect it because it’s part of everybody’s youth. He was wrong to do it in front of the camera but he shouldn’t be banned from football.

Lisa Holt, 33, Manchester, Administrator

I think he was out of order. If anybody else did it in their jobs they would get the sack. I don’t understand why he is an exception.

Helen Young, 34, Sale, Teaching Assistant

He was wrong to do what he did. Children watch it and he is a role model to many people. He gets paid so much money he shouldn’t be behaving like that.

Yvonne Steel, 52, Audenshaw, Manager

He deserves what he gets. All of the footballers should watch what they are doing and saying because young lads follow them. They should know better because they are role models for a lot of people.

Ian Gardner, 29, Manchester, Sales worker

I don’t think there was much wrong with what he did. It was in the heat of the moment. They are going to have to start banning everybody that swears now if they think it’s acceptable to ban him. Children know right from wrong they aren’t going to copy him when he does that. There was no menace in what he did he was just celebrating.

Mickey Harrison, 26, Liverpool, Sales worker

I can understand why he did it, he had just scored the winning goal. He should have been banned but I think that they are just trying to make an example of him because of who he is and who he plays for.

Miss Bradshaw, Wythenshawe, Student

The problem with what Rooney did was that he did it to the camera. He just can’t be seen to get away with something like that. I think the way he has been dealt with by the FA is appropriate.

Richard Lambert, 35, Nottingham, IT Worker

Rooney was out of order. I don’t really like people who have that sort of attitude. When people act like that it gives the wrong impression out to the people that are watching.

Dave Scott, 56, Liverpool, IT Worker

 I don’t agree with what he did. Rooney is right when he says that people swear on the football pitch but his was in a very aggressive way. There is no need to be so aggressive after scoring a goal. He should celebrate in a different way.

Gabriel Gleeson, 35, Manchester, Builder

I think that the whole thing has been blown out of proportion. Because he is Wayne Rooney and he plays for Manchester United he has been made a scapegoat. The FA has come down too harshly on him. It’s only a bit of swearing people need to get over it.

Natasha Djukic, 21, Bedford, Student

I think it was disgusting. He shouldn’t be swearing in front of cameras when children are watching.

Toby Matthews, 20, Watford, Student

Nobody should idolise footballers, they don’t do anything good for this country at all.  They should all be just more open about the fact that all they do is kick a ball about, they weren’t good at anything at school and they didn’t want to get proper jobs so they are footballers.

Louise Phillips, 44, Urmston, Nurse

If they start banning people for swearing on the pitch then the FA have got a massive job on their hands because they are going to have to ban every footballer that swears and you can’t control swearing in the stands either.

Gabriel Thompson, 27, Sale, Hairdresser

I don’t get the big deal about this. It’s hardly like he’s done something horrific. Footballers always get away with what they want anyway.

Piccadilly Poll

Would you say the FA’s ruling on Rooney swearing was:

Too harsh47%
Too lenient26%
Don’t care6%

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