Some might say… – 08/04/2011

By Steven Oldham

Child prodigies, angry footballers and planes on fire have all been hitting the headlines this week. 

Here in MM’s weekly ‘Some Might Say…’, we take look at some of the week’s biggest news and sport sound bites…


“During the flight there was an indication of a minor mechanical problem.”

A spokeswoman downplays concerns after a Manchester to Alicante flight’s passengers spotted flames coming from the engine.


“We haven’t had a call saying ‘Here’s a million dollars to get back together.’”

Don Letts of Big Audio Dynamite dismisses thoughts of the band’s reunion was influenced by money ahead of their gig tonight at the Manchester Academy.

“The timing of her leaving was outrageous. She should have seen the job through.”

A Greater Manchester police source slates ex HR chief Julia Rogers for asking for a potential bonus of £11,000 – despite leaving the force days earlier for a £200,000 salaried job in the private sector.


“She was fantastic fun and was genuinely interested in the work that we do here.”

Sky Customer Support worker Sue Quinn rates Katie Price highly after the TV star dropped in for a surprise visit to the company’s Stockport base.


“They are denying the community a very valuable service.  We’ve only just started the fight to save it.”

Newbury House resident Chris Hadfield is angry about plans to close the alcohol treatment centre in Rusholme, despite a £1million makeover last year.


“Emotions were running high and on reflection my heat-of-the-moment reaction was inappropriate.”

Wayne Rooney apologises for the controversy caused by his swearing outburst in last weekend’s game against West Ham.


“It got really lively, there was quite a bit of banter and some good-natured argument.”

Organiser Dan Haughey reflects on the return of Speaker’s Corner in Platt Fields park for the first time since the 1960s.


“I am very excited to be involved because not a lot of people my age get to be in TV adverts.”

Daniel Rhodes, 7, of Oldham speaks about his role alongside Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff in the latest Morrisons advert.  It is the third time Daniel has been in the supermarket’s promos.


“We do anything that anybody asks for and there’s not much we can’t make.”

Sylvia Sykes of Ashton based cake shop Trifles following the success of their ‘divorce cake’ lines.


“The MacMillan nurses were angels who came in and helped her with her pain and also supported us a family.”

Scratchcard winner Bernadette Harvieu of Salford explains her decision to give part of her £250,000 winnings to the Christie Hospital and MacMillan nurses. They helped make her sister-in-law Margaret as comfortable as possible before she died of bowel cancer. 


“Right from the start Mark said he’d be going on a tractor and it didn’t really surprise me.”

Newlywed Katie Brayshaw speaks after her groom Mark Hazlehurst, a farmer, arrived at Newton’s St Mary’s Church arrived on a tractor before exchanging vows.

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