Luxury Irlam cattery is technological tail-blazer for pampered pets


By Emma Hughes, Aimée Horwich, Kif Hussain and Luke Gray


WHETHER you’re soaking up the sun in Paw-tugal or enjoying a cultural tour of the Purr-sian Gulf, you can now keep in touch with your beloved pet cat back home.

Penthouse Catteries in Irlam are pioneering the CatCam, which allows you to watch your pet lapping up its luxury surroundings wherever you are in the world.

Clifford Chamberlain, 68, opened Penthouse Catteries last year as a retirement project.

“Our aim was to make it the best cattery in the business,” he said.

The unique scheme, which is just a few weeks old, was suggested by Mr Chamberlain’s son, who works in IT. CatCam cost £1,000 to install, but pet owners are billed just £1.50 a day extra for the service.

This has proved a real hit with customers, who love having 24-hour remote access to their pet whilst they holiday.

 “As soon as people see CatCam, they’re just gobsmacked,” Mr Chamberlain said.

 “I’m going to have to get in touch with all my regulars and ask them to book early for Christmas so they’re not disappointed.”

Feline guests at Penthouse Catteries enjoy landscaped grounds, sleep on heated beds and can even listen to piped mew-sic while they play. 

Mr Chamberlain says the cats’ radio station of choice is Smooth FM. “They certainly seem to like it!” he laughed.

 “I’m always thinking, ‘What can I do next to improve the cattery?’” he said. “At the moment I’m thinking about building a new extension to keep up with demand.”

That should certainly put some more cash in the kitty.

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