MM’s top five…Manchester city centre real ale havens

By Robbie Gill

As autumn approaches the time for cider on ice is fading, MM’s guide to the top five real pubs is sure to ‘tipple’ your fancy.

Crown and Kettle

Dating back to the early 19th century the Crown and Kettle is located on Oldham Road, conveniently between the Hare and Hound and Marble Arches.

It is believed that its original use was intended to be a courtroom.

The old Daily Express offices were just around the corner, making the pub a regular haunt for journalists of old.

The pub closed for 20 years after a firebomb attack, reopening in 2005 to offer a drinkers a traditional pub with a good selection of ales.

Hare and Hounds

Looking slightly out of place behind the Printworks and the urbanisation spreading through the city centre, the Hare and Hound offers drinkers all they need.

A listed building dating back to 1743, it is one of the oldest pubs in Manchester and offers a full ensemble of Joseph Holt beers.

Relatively cheap with a eclectic mix of cliental the Hare and Hound is flying the flag for traditional pubs in a sea of city centre bars.


Peveril of the Peak

A trip to the Peveril of the Peak is like a trip back in time, just around the corner from the Briton’s Protection and the Cornerhouse it offers a great selection of ales.

It boasts a distinctive tiled exterior and dates back to the early 19th century.

It is said to be named after an old stagecoach which ran between Manchester and London.

Although a pub with the same name in Derbyshire claims its name originates from the longest Sir Walter Scott novel, referencing Peveril Castle.


Marble Arch Inn

This traditional pub was built in 1888 and contains its own five barrel plant. The Marble Brewery sells beers here and around the city.

Sat on Rochdale Road, the Marble arches offers a wide selection of beers, cheeses and food.

The sloping floor and open fire in the winter offer the perfect accompaniment to a pint of Marble Chocolate stout, which is sure to warm your innards on a cold Manchester evening.

Briton’s Protection

Located on the corner of Great Bridge Water Street since 1806 The Briton’s Protection is an essential visit for real ale fans.

A corridor from the small front bar leads round into the old smoke room with copper topped tables and a log fire.

It also boasts an incredible selection of over 200 whiskies ranging from bourbon’s through to specialist malts.

Happy Drinking!

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