Live for just £1 a day: Day three – Porridge minus milk, pita and delightful soup

By Jess Wilson

It’s day three of my seven day challenge to live on just seven pounds.

You can find out how I was cohersed into making the decision here.



Breakfast: Oats and water

Lunch: One pita and hummus

Dinner: Tomato and lentil soup (with added soup mix)

Breakfast was dull and lunch left me hungry.  I’m not feeling the health benefits of oats or hummus and my energy and happiness levels are ridiculously low.

Dinner was a bit better though. I used a couple of handfuls of lentils, half an onion, a couple of handfuls of soup mix and a tin of chopped tomatoes to make another soup.

Admittedly, it would have been a lot nicer with crusty bread of any bread for that matter. But it filled me up more than any meals I have had this week.

Apparently, protein makes up 26% of the calories in lentils, so they are a pretty vital component of a veggie or vegan diet. It’s also been proven that people who eat high-fibre legumes are less likely to suffer from heart disease, as the folate and magnesium in them protect the heart.

But despite all these magical health benefits, I’m still feeling pretty rubbish, slow and sluggish. I would do anything for a slice of cheese.

If I had have gone for convenience food today, my option was a deep pan Hawaiian pizza. One word: Yuk.

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