Review: Calvin Harris @ The Warehouse Project – 7/10/2011

By Charlotte Duncker & Steven Oldham

Calvin Harris treated revellers at The Warehouse Project to a near two hour set on Friday night.

The in demand Scottish DJ and producer brought his own version of electro to the Store Street location as the WHP came one night closer to leaving Manchester.

He started his set with UK number one single I’m Not Alone, which sent an already pumped up crowd into raptures and turned them into human synthesisers, with hundreds of ravers mimicking the track’s distinctive riff.

Things were getting very hot and sweaty in a close night in Manchester as he continued with a couple of hits from his Ready For The Weekend album – the euphoric Flashback, and the more restrained You Used to Hold Me, which unfortunately didn’t translate as well live.

Harris also included mixes of crowd-pleasing hits by the likes of Example, Fatboy Slim and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

A minimalistic chorus edit of Norman Cook’s Praise You provided a surreal singalong moment, having not being able to hear yourself think all night.  Normal service was soon resumed with thumping basslines leading into the next mix.

Newer tracks Bounce and Feel So Close were separated by harder beats, a world away from the commercial sound found on his studio albums.

Harris’ ability to make such dirty music and fit these grubby sounds in seamlessly with his hits was impressive .

One minor disappointment was the lack of his own older material – there was no space for Colours, or Acceptable In The 80s.

Harris finished his epic set with the current UK number one, We Found Love, his collaboration with Rihanna which left just about every sweaty raver in the Store Street screaming for more.

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