Some might say… – 12/03/2011

By Alex Johnston

We’ve had squatters hitting both the banks and the headlines and squabbles over the cenotaph this week in Manchester.

Here in MM’s weekly ‘Some Might Say…’, we take a light hearted look at some of the week’s biggest news and sport sound bites…

“The banners look awful and they shouldn’t be there.”

Student Jessica Dowling thinks squatters who have hung a banner reading ‘Strike Resist Occupy’ above an RBS branch in protest at bankers’ bonuses have outstayed their welcome.

“You do not get democracy for free.”

Rochdale’s MP, Simon Danczuk justifies the estimated £300,000 it cost to police an English Defence League rally in his town centre on Saturday, in which thirty-four people were arrested.

“You have the entourage and organisation to call a person and say ‘Is this pill good or bad?’”

Kolo Toure is experiencing the long leg of the law from FIFA’s general secretary, Jerome Valcke.

“If the club make funds available, I don’t mind going shopping!”

Lancashire cricket coach Peter Moores hopes to have some money to spend now that the club have won their legal battle for a £32million redevelopment of their Old Trafford ground.

“It’s just a bit of banter and you hear worse on the terraces.”

Red Devil Sarah Webb-Lee defends her car sticker, which read ‘On the first day God created United-then completely F***** up and created City’. She was made to remove one letter of the offensive word.

“What better cause to get my kit off than for Comic Relief?”

Shameless star Alice Barry, who plays Lillian Tyler in the hit show, has posed almost nude for a number of photos in aid of the charity.

“All I’d done from the age of 17 to 22 was to be a mum really.”

Naomi Brown, who had two children with forgotten City man Shaun Wright-Phillips is keen to move on and concentrate on her beauty salon business, Ni’Elle.

“He was so close to me I was able to bang on the side of his car and shout ‘Oi’ at him.”

Cyclist Neil Chatterjee recalls an abusive encounter with a Longsight motorist.

“I’m drunk. I’m off.”

The words of a drunken motorist who dragged a woman along a Royton road, after colliding with her car.

“Your actions have been dispicable”

Few would argue with chair of the bench Lee Bottomley’s review of Mantas Graezevicious’ behavious, as he stole bags of clothes destined for a charity shop from a doorstep in Swinton.

“That was the best 2-1 defeat I’ve ever been involved in.”

Rochdale gaffer Keith Hill takes the positives out of his side’s away defeat to League One high-fliers Huddersfield.

“He has a personality.”

City fans will hope that Wesley Sneijder’s opinion of striker Mario Balotelli comes true in the second leg of their Europa League tie with Dynamo Kiev, having been invisible during the 2-0 loss in Ukraine.

“Coaching is terrible whether you win or lose but no-one should be in sport to be a loser.”

Ex- Salford Reds boss Kevin Ashcroft believes those who are in a managing position should be in it to win it.

 “They said I should rot in hell.”

Rochdale model Shanna Bukhari, who is vying to be the first Muslim to represent the UK at the Miss Universe contest, has treated negative comments aimed at her with a pinch of salt.

“I had been punched in the face and kicked in the groin. I had no other option but to put her on the floor.”

Phil Burke, a pub and club boss in Manchester, describes how he was assaulted by Gemma Ryan, who has been given an ASBO, despite failing to attend court.

“If anyone else did the same they’d be in trouble. When GMP officers commit an offence it seems to be ok.”

A member of the public expresses their disgust at seeing a GMP van park on double yellow lines and nip into a shop to get a sandwich.

“You can’t concede like this”

City boss Roberto Mancini despairs after seeing his side slump to a 2-0 defeat in Kiev.

“They won’t let me sing”

Pop Star Wayne Fontana tells a fan outside the Palace Theatre that the police who have him handcuffed for failing to attend a court hearing have made up their minds about his plans to perform.

“I wanted to be thin and know what it’s like to see my neck every day”

Hale businesswoman Laura Evans on the initial spur which led to her losing a remarkable 12st in eighteen months.

“I think I can win a medal in both so it’s going to be a really difficult decision whether to do both.”

Triple Commonwealth Champion James Goddard is debating to compete in the backstroke or medley events in the Shanghai World Swimming Championships in July.

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