The £10 Challenge – 12/03/2011

By Barrie White

MM’s weekly guide on the best way to spend a tenner in the city centre.

Has Manchester’s entertainment got its knockers? Well this week’s £10 challenge definitely has!

Busting Out is a hilarious and liberating show of bouncy songs, thigh-slapping jokes and a lot of practical demonstrations of how to use your drooping assets in ways previously unknown.

The internationally acclaimed hit will be hitting Manchester’s Palace Theatre on Friday 18th March and MM is giving you the opportunity to snap up a ticket for just £9!!!

Clink the lick below, sign up to the Manchester mailing list and claim your ticket.  Also, you will be able to keep ‘a-breast’ of all the new shows hitting Manchester.

What should I do with the saved £1 I hear you cry?

Buy some Haribo and use the little fried eggs to join in with the show!

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