Manchester ‘whisky-d’ off their feet by Auchentoshan Presents… at Common, Northern Quarter

By Cara Quinn

Auchentoshan took its whistle-stop tour to Manchester on Sunday night, for a night of whisky ‘nosing’, tasting and experimentation.

The Aucthentoshan Presents… night in Common bar, Northern Quarter, was one of many in a series of classically modern events running throughout the UK, promoting the Scottish whisky and providing entertainment in a not-so traditional way.

The brand has teamed up with six advocates from across the country, such as a renowned barber, esteemed designer, cocktail expert and an acclaimed DJ, to create events that take a traditional idea and give it a modern twist. 

Following on from the success of the pop-up barber shop and cocktail workshop, it was DJ Ivan Smagghe’s turn to entertain the crowds and create the mood for a night of devilish indulgence. 

Zoran Peric, the brand’s ambassador, provided his expertise at the intimate whisky tasting sessions and judging by the amount of empty glasses discarded on the table-tops and bar, the night went down a storm with Mancunians. 

As Zoran explained, it takes the kind of ‘quirky, creative and open-minded people’ that Manchester has to offer to be make an event such as Sunday’s a success.

Trying to shake off the ‘old man’ stigma associated with whisky drinkers, Auchentoshan is aiming to attract the younger generation and introduce them to a ‘new way of drinking’. 

Many of the samplers at the event were whisky virgins before it began, with a few seasoned connoisseurs in the crowd, but as the versatility of the two whiskeys prove, there is a mix to satisfy everyone’s taste. 

The Classic ‘Breakfast’ Single Malt is deemed the G&T convert’s choice.  Easy to drink, whether neat, on the rocks or mixed, it is sweet, smooth and silky, the perfect choice for a beginner.  The pale gold whisky is less intimidating than its darker coloured counterparts and with its rich coconut aroma and sweet vanilla taste, it is perfect for an after-work drink. 

Classic, mixed with ginger ale, with a wedge of orange was easily the drink of choice at the event with many falling for its fresh zestiness. 

Three Woods is very different than its younger sister.  Left to mature in three different cask types, it is much richer, jammier and more complex than the Classic.  The bronze coloured whisky boasts an array of flavours such as plums, cinnamon and chocolate and is the more indulgent of the two spirits. 

Three Woods goes amazing with chocolate, and in particular Malteasers, as the maltiness works with the woodiness of the whisky creating a rich sweetness.  Zoran describes it as the ‘after 10’ drink, because of it is deeper, vintage maturity and it is best appreciated nearing the end of a night out. 

Three Woods is one for the rocks or as a component in aptly named cocktails such as, Glasgow Kiss, Sour Scotsman and The Kilted Cockerel.

As the tour continues across the north, with its next stop in Leeds, we could well be a nation of whisky drinkers by the end of the year. 

Auchentoshan has certainly placed itself on the map as a unique brand as it cuts out the middle man and brings it’s otherwise overlooked whisky straight to the consumer. 

As Zoran puts it, ‘people can now make an informed choice rather than the barman’s favourite’.  

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