First & Last… with Absolute Radio’s Geoff Lloyd

By Barrie White

This week’s “First and Last” is Absolute Radio’s award winning drive-time presenter and Manchester native Geoff Lloyd.   Born in Withington, he’s been a regular on the station since 1998, after being recruited by Chris Evans when it was Virgin Radio.

First CD you owned? My music collection predates CD, but the first one I ever got was a CD single of ‘Pure’ by the Lightning Seeds. It was given to me by a producer at Piccadilly Radio, where I used to go and answer the phones after school. I couldn’t believe it was free.

Last film you saw? ‘Blue Valentine’, which from the trailer I expected it to be like a Belle & Sebastian song, when in actual fact it was more like a Bruce Springsteen song. I really enjoyed it once I recalibrated my expectations.

Last visit to Manchester was for…? (aside from today) A friend of mine played the Apollo, so I went to hang out with her there. The dressing rooms are unchanged and every bit as shabby as the first time I went in one  to interview the drummer from The Wonderstuff in 1993. I stayed at the Great John Street Hotel. The last time I was in that building, it was the Granada canteen, back when I worked as a runner on ‘The Mrs Merton Show’.

First Mancunian you’d choose to spend the day with? If we’re talking about Greater Manchester, I’m becoming increasing fascinated by Wigan’s George Formby. My nan used to play me his records as a kid, and when I listen to them now, I can’t believe the innuendo passed me by. It’s single entendre.

Last Mancunian you’d choose to spend the day with? Bernard Manning. Popular choice, I’d guess.

First thing you think of when someone says ‘Manchester’ to you? Orange buses, even though they’ve been gone for longer than I have.

It’s your last day on earth and you are in Manchester – what do you spend it doing? Maybe in Corbieres, spending every last penny in the legendary jukebox.

Desert island disc? The Smiths – There is a Light That Never Goes Out

Desert island drink (water provided)? Vimto
Last book you read? Sara Barron ‘People are Unappealing: Even Me’ It’s very funny, you should read it, too.

First club / bar you visited in Manchester? Legends, on my 16th birthday. They played ‘Voodoo Ray’ by a Guy Called Gerald.

Last holiday you went on? A weekend in Stockholm, which vies with New York and Manchester as my favourite city.

City or United? Not really a football fan, but City.

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