Live for just £1 a day: Day four – Roast veg and chickpeas saves day

By Jess Wilson

It’s day four of my seven day challenge to live on just seven pounds.

You can find out how I was cohersed into making the decision here.



Breakfast: Still having gruel

Lunch: One pita and hummus

Dinner: Roast veg and chickpeas


Dinner was actually pretty tasty today, although I could have eaten double the amount I had.

But this meal has rekindled my love of chickpeas. I haven’t had chickpeas for ages and had forgotten how nice they are. This has made me feel happier.

Nutritionally, chickpeas are good in that they VERY high in protein. They are also crammed with minerals like iron, zinc and magnesium and are a fantastic source of fibre.

I love chickpeas. And I’m feeling nicely full.

My shop-bought option today was a cottage pie, which was slightly tempting but potentially full of fat and cheap meat and I doubt it would have had half the amount of goodness in it as my meal did.

I don’t have a headache today either!

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