What’s in a name? The Beckham’s Harper Seven and other crazy celebrity baby names

By Amy Senior

As the Beckhams announce the birth of their baby girl, Harper Seven, Mancunian Matters takes a look some of the most uniquely named celebrity offspring.

Since the new-born Harper sparked our interest, where better to start then the Beckhams themselves. 

Brooklyn Beckham, the first of their brood, will surely be eternally thankful for a constant reminder of where he was conceived and let’s hope that Romeo and Cruz don’t object to being a little bit different to their classmates too.

But who were some of the first in the celebrity dynasties to have the most unusual names bestowed upon them?

When looking across the Atlantic at quirky name trend setters, perhaps the most famous were the talented Phoenix siblings, River, Rain and Joaquin.

As infants they moved to a religious commune in LA with their free spirited parents who encouraged each to develop their musical and acting abilities.  River was pinpointed as Hollywood’s next big star before his tragic death in Johnny Depp’s Viper Room club, passing the buck to younger brother Joaquin who showed boundless talent but has shied away from the limelight in recent years.

However, Britain’s good and great have also certainly shown a penchant for unusual names.

Father-of-three, Jamie Oliver has created quite a clan with Poppy Honey, Daisy Boo and Petal Blossom, resembling a cross between the double-barrelled names of Deep South America and characters from one of Madonna’s children’s books.

But just how much does a name matter?  After all The Bard himself did say ‘A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet.’

Psychology researchers from the University of Hertfordshire certainly seem to think there is a correlation between people’s names, their success and how they are perceived.

According to the department, George and Ann provoke thoughts of unattractive people where as James and Elizabeth are associated with success and Sophie and Ryan with beauty.

However, it seems like only the quirkiest of names equate to that astronomical level of success whether it be a case of weird by name weird by nature or quite simply a marketer’s dream come true.

Sean Jean Combs has changed his name a total of four times since first hitting the number one spot on America’s Hot Billboard 100 with Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down as Puff Daddy.  Since then we have seen his namesake morph into P Diddy and more recently Diddy.

Look at that same those same charts just a decade before and you’ll find Prince Rogers Nelson or alternatively Prince/Symbol/The Artist.

And how could we possibly forget the most notorious woman on the planet at this very moment – Lady Gaga.

 As each generations is flushed more and more with eccentric names perhaps one day the Georges, Davids, Victorias, Elizabeths and Johns of the world will slowly disappear just to resurface centuries later as the next ‘en vogue’ unusual names.

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