Live for just £1 a day: Day five – Favourite meals of the week so far…

By Jess Wilson

It’s day five of my seven day challenge to live on just seven pounds.

You can find out how I was cohersed into making the decision here.



Breakfast: Oats and water. Still it’s getting duller by the day.

Lunch: Leftover tomato and lentil soup

Dinner: Noodles with roast veg and chickpeas.


Today has probably been my favourite food day this week. Excluding the gruel, the other two meals I had were scrumptious! And for the first time this week, I felt TOO full after tea.

Although I am repeatedly using the same ingredients in different meals, I’m not sick of them yet.

And I must admit, having noodles feels like a bit of a treat today.

Wholegrain products have endless health benefits. They have been proven to reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease and gum disease. Not only that, they can protect against some forms of cancer and generally increase life expectancy.

Basically, they’re really good for you and you should always pick wholegrain products over any others.

Today’s £1 option was a diet microwave meal.

I don’t really think when people diet that buying microwave meals is a good way to go about it. Homemade food is so much better, cheaper and healthier. So I would never buy a diet meal even if I was dieting.

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