Piccadilly Pulse: Kate Middleton’s topless pictures – should British media publish them?

By Oliver Rhodes & Kimberley Richards

Central to the British Media’s attention, Kate Middleton is considered as the darling of the United Kingdom.

A role model to many, the Duchess’ recent tour of the Far East is generally viewed as her crowning moment to date.

However, naked images showing the Princess sunbathing on holiday have emerged, which may defile Kate’s ‘Golden Girl’ persona.

Caught topless while privately bathing, the future Queen of England was stunned by the decision of France’s Closer magazine outlet to publish the photographs.

In a poll, we asked Manchester: Would you support a British newspaper’s decision to publish topless pictures of Kate Middleton?







Here’s your view regarding the publication of Kate’s pictures:

Glen Meskell, 38, communications manager, Manchester, said: “The way the photos were taken with a long lens is kind of like a peeping tom. There’s certain nastiness about it.”

Terence Mather, 76, retired, Dukinfield, said: “I think they’ve committed an infringement. It’s not heinous crime, but an intrusion of someone’s privacy. It’s over the border and cheap publicity.”

Josef Burns, 20, accountant assistant, Manchester, said: “I’d be tempted to read it. You have got to see it.”

Keith Simpson, 70, retired, Manchester, said: “I don’t see a need for anybody to see anybody else naked. It’s ridiculous, but I suppose it is fair game if you live that lifestyle. Whether it is condonable or not is an entirely different matter. I hope they are sued for millions.”

Michael O’Rourke, 32, Product Manager, Manchester, said: “I’m not really interested, to be honest. However, it doesn’t really surprise you anymore.”

Joe Clarke, 23, astrophysics doctor, Crewe, said: “Surely that breaches privacy? But if that’s the laws in France, then I suppose it is fair game. However, I don’t know why this would peak people’s interest.”

Stephen Atherton, 55, chef, Manchester, said: “If you put your name in the frame, you are going to get pictured.”

Natalie Heeks, 18, student, Manchester, said: “Everyone has their right to privacy. It is not to people’s interest. It’s just a way to make money; they know stories like that would sell.”

Charlotte Curtis, 22, employed, Grimsby, said: “It’s wrong, and invasion of privacy. I know she is in a certain position, but she should have her privacy.”

Alice Williams, 74, retired, Monton Green, said: “I think they deserve their own privacy. It shouldn’t be published, just because of who she is.”

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