The Mancorialist corner: Don’t let love birds’ public displays of affection get you down

By The Mancorialist

Ever looked up from sipping your cappuccino and felt queasy at the sight of two love birds inspecting one another’s tonsils?

Or have you ever felt a heartstring twang at the picturesque couple embraced in love and all that’s red and cuddly?

Well Mancunian Matters columnist The Mancorialist ventures into Manchester to capture affection shared and true love’s way in this week’s blog.

Everyone hates an over-enthusiastic public display of affection, but few can help being warmed by seeing two people who seem to have found each other.

Sometimes the chemistry comes off a couple like an expensive perfume. Other times there’s a kind of quiet affection.

Just as there’s a fascination in trying to work out the character of a person by the way they dress and hold themselves, there’s a lot to read about the character of a relationship in the way a couple are photographed together.

There’s a connection between being a couple in public and the way you present yourself.

I’m not talking about trophy boy/girlfriends here, but it’s a big compliment when somebody’s prepared to walk down the street with their arm around you.

It makes you walk a little taller whether they’re next to you or not.

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