‘We’ve spent £15,000 on Justin Bieber!’ Manchester mum and daughter prove Bieber fever runs in family

Exclusive by Kim Richards

A Justin Bieber-obsessed mother and daughter are ready to go to extreme lengths to meet their idol when he visits Manchester next week.

Sarah Tyndall and her daughter Hannah from Bury, plan to camp outside the hotel of the teen superstar when he arrives for his stint at the Manchester Arena next week.

The mother and daughter’s obsession has seen them spend almost £15,000 on chasing the pint-sized pop star across the globe.

“When it comes to Justin, money is no object to me,” said Sarah, who bears a tattoo of the star’s face on her leg.

Hannah, 15, admitted: “People see my mum’s tattoo and are a bit shocked, not many people’s parents have faces of teenage boys tattooed on their legs!”

Eighteen-year-old pop sensation Bieber will send hundreds of screaming teenagers into a hormonal panic when he performs over three nights starting February 19 – and this mother and daughter will stop at nothing to meet him.

“He is our absolute idol and we both plan on waiting outside his hotel to catch a glimpse of him – and maybe even a picture,” said Hannah.

“We’ve been to see him 15 times all over the country, and for my mum’s 40th   birthday we went to the Staples Centre in LA to watch him in concert.

“People ask if I think it’s weird that my mum loves Justin Bieber more than I do, it used to annoy my dad but now he is used to the posters in his bedroom!”

Sarah admitted that her love for the star hasn’t always come cheap – in fact she racked up a hefty bill for concert tickets for her and Hannah.

“I’ve spent most of the money for my car insurance so that me and Hannah can get closer to meeting Justin at the concert next week – it’s worth every penny to me,” she said.

“I know that people might find it strange the lengths that I go to when Justin is involved but it’s something that makes me happy.

“I would take Hannah all over the world to meet him.”

Sarah believes her and her daughter’s mutual love of Bieber has helped them ‘bond’ more – though the same can’t be said for her husband.

“My love for Justin has occasionally come in between me and my husband – but my husband accepted he will always be second best to Justin!”

Justin Bieber performs at Manchester Arena on February 21 and 22.

Picture courtesy of Georges Biard via Wiki Commons, with thanks.

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