Piccadilly Pulse: Are you going to give anything to Comic Relief this year?

By Sam Richardson

Comic Relief hits our television screens tonight. ‘Funny For Money‘ has raised more than £500million since it began in 1985.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Red Nose Day, and fundraisers across Greater Manchester have been working hard in a bid to make it the biggest Comic Relief so far.

With this is mind MM took to the streets to find out if the Manchester public would be giving any money to Comic Relief this year. We asked:

Are you going to give anything to Comic Relief this year?


Alex Hayden, 22, unemployed, Ardwick, said: “I’m giving, I like Comic Relief and I think it’s groovy.”

David Jones, also 22 and from Ardwick, works at Nando’s. He said: “Comic Relief helps a lot of people. I think rich people should put their hands into their pockets. Rich people are getting richer while poor people are getting poorer, it’s unfair.”

Lucy Carswell, a retiree from Central Manchester, said: “Usually I donate some money, but I haven’t really thought about it, we’ll see.”

 Danny Flanagan, an 18-year-old student who works at Morrisons, admitted: “I’ve given money to other charities recently, I don’t think I’ll be giving money to Comic Relief this year.”

Matt Clarke, 23 from Stockport, works in recruitment. He said: “I normally give some money, I haven’t really thought about it this year though.”

Kasia Viney, 35, lives in the city centre. She said: “I’ll give some money if I’m asked directly by somebody in the street but I don’t usually watch when it’s on TV.”

Amy Brooks, 19, is a nursery worker from Rochdale. She admitted: “I wasn’t going to give any money but I feel guilty now you’ve asked me!”

Mehmet Duman is a 32-year-old man from Ardwick. He told MM: “I work at Costa Coffee. We are donating all tips that we receive today to Comic Relief. It’s a good thing.”

Thomas Mcgowan, a 17-year-old session musician from Tameside proudly explained: “I did a skydive last Saturday and I raised £783. I’d hoped to get more because I’m scared of heights! £783 is a lot of money though, and it’s for a good cause.”

Martin Crouch, a 58-year-old company manager from Central Manchester confessed: “I don’t donate any money; my wife normally takes care of that.”

Clair Birkett, a 28-year-old stock manager from Gorton explained that she will probably give some money, but she added: “I don’t really think that all of the money raised goes to where they say it goes.”

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