Piccadilly Pulse: Should gay marriage be allowed in churches?

By James Scott

As the issue of same sex marriage continues to divide opinion, MM took to the streets to find out if Mancunians believe gay marriage should be allowed in churches.

The Church of England and the Conservative party are at loggerheads over the issue of gay marriage and public opinion appears to be divided. 

Despite David Cameron, Boris Johnson and Education Secretary Michael Gove speaking out in favour of gay marriage, over 100 Tory MPs are against the proposal.

Culture Secretary Maria Miller announced on Tuesday that gay marriage would be illegal in the Church of England, but other religious organisations would be able to “opt in”.

However Mr Cameron has promised a change in law over same sex marriage in England and Wales by the next election in May 2015.  

Should gay marriage be allowed in churches?

Yes: 69%

No: 31%

The results proved to be strongly in favour of gay people having the right to marry in church, with many citing equality as the deciding factor.

Here are some of the views given by the people of Manchester on whether gay marriage should be allowed in churches.

Alex Weston, 24, a student from Cheshire, said: “I think in this day and age you can’t really stop people from getting married in a church. You can’t meet people half way and give them some rights and not others that a man and a woman are entitled to.”

David Simpson, 56, a shop manager from Hulme, said: “It’s a difficult one. You’d like to think anyone can get married but I can understand the backlash. The churches should be the ones who decide.”

Bet Thompson, 66, from South Manchester, said: “I’d agree with civil partnerships but for it to take place in church is a step too far. Churches should be kept for traditional weddings between a man and a woman.”

Lucy Marsh, 19, a college student from Altrincham, said: “I don’t see what the problem is. If two people love each other they should be allowed to marry in a church.”

Dave Nicholson, 31, an artist in residence from Leeds, said: “I’ve got gay mates and they’re salt of the earth. They should definitely be allowed to get married.”

Heather Reynolds, 41, a charity worker, said: “A church is a place of Christian values. I don’t think it’s (gay marriage) appropriate there.”

Elliott Green, 31, from Salford, said: “The church needs to move with the times and accept gay people as society does.”

Olivia Gray, 20, a student from Didsbury, said: “It’s a shame gay people aren’t given the same rights as everyone else.”

Robert Norris, 48, from Manchester, said: “It’s hard because there’s big opposition on both sides. If Cameron supports if you would think it would go through but the church should be allowed to refuse it. I’m not fussed either way.”

Johnnie Markham, 28, a fitness trainer from Bury, said: “I suppose if a man and a woman are allowed to (get married in a church), gay people should as well.”

Picture courtesy of Fox via YouTube, with thanks.

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