Interview: Picture Book play homecoming gig at Manchester’s Ruby Lounge – March 16

By Gareth Westmorland

Picture Book are brothers Dario Darnell and Lorne Ashley, an electronic music duo born in New York City and raised in Manchester, and are taking the UK dance scene to another level. Catch them live at the Ruby Lounge tonight, Friday March 16, and as they prepare for the homecoming gig, MM thought we’d get to know a little more about them.


So guys, thanks for doing this interview! Tell us a little bit about yourselves!

Thanks for having us! We’re actually twins, both 22!

We grew up in Urmston until we were about 11 years old, then moved onto Sale, and now our mum is chillin’ in Lymm!

We moved to Manchester after living in New York for three years, but our Mancunian mum wanted us schooled in England!

So where abouts did you study?

DARIO: I only went to Liverpool University because I got a rejection letter from LIPA, then a year later they told me they sent me the wrong letter! So I finished my final two years at LIPA.

LORNE: I have a master in English Literature from Birmingham Uni, and I later joined Dario in Liverpool for our musical quest.

How did you guys first get involved with music, and in particular, electronic dance music?

EDM evolved out of learning how to use Cubase (music production software) and what not… Then it just happened from there.

What instruments do you play?

D: We try and play every instrument we possibly can, but i mainly play drums/keys and Lorne is guitars/keys.

Your debut EP At Last is out now, are you proud of its release at last?

Hell yeah we’re proud of it! It took us two years to release it! We wrote all those songs nearly two and a half years ago! 

Tell us about the big name producers you’ve worked with on At Last.

They were awesome! Dan Grech is THE man! We’re so privileged to have worked with him and we’re very happy to hear of his recent success with Lana Del Ray and The Vaccines.

Madeon’s input to Sunshine was pretty cool too.

What are your aims as a music duo?

D: Aims…. Hmmm… Realistic aims – a tour, two more EPs, lots of sex and lots of partying…

L: Unrealistic aims – world domination and a couple million pounds. 

What tracks are you loving at the moment?

Absolutely loving Maya Jane Coles at the moment. Also, is it bad we f***ing love ‘Climax’ by Diplo/Usher? Such a badman tune! 

Would you ever consider using your own vocals on tracks?

L: It’s funny you ask this because the next EP is featuring our vocals. We thought we would take a break from asking other people to vocal our stuff! Maybe we’ll do it again for EP3 after people have told us they hate our voices!

Great news! What music track first got you into music?

D: The game changer for me was actually Timbaland’s ‘The Way I Are’ cause I was heavily into R&B, and when that came out it went into 4/4 dance, and it changed everything for me.

L: Mine was ‘Idioteque’ by Radiohead. Such an unbelievable track! 

Are you looking forward to playing your homecoming gig?

We love playing homecoming gigs, unfortunately we don’t get to do them often so it should be fun!

Do you have any new music/surprises up your sleeves for the gig at Ruby Lounge?

New music… Well… Our live show is full of surprises, remixes and mash-ups. We like to keep our live show fresh and exciting!

You can buy tickets to see Picture Book live at Ruby Lounge here.

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