Piccadilly Pulse: Has the snow forced you to change your plans this weekend?

By Matt Davies

With widespread snow warnings in effect across the country, MM wrapped up and took to the streets of a wintery Manchester to see just how the snow is impacting the plans of residents.

Amber snow warnings cover most of northern England going in to this weekend, with disruption to travel widely anticipated in most areas.

Temperatures meanwhile are unlikely to get much above zero, as Manchester experiences conditions more suited to polar bears than people.

Are you changing your plans due to the weather this weekend?


Jim Waterfield, 41, banker, Sale, said: I was due in London tomorrow on business, but now I have to go earlier and miss meetings, so yes, you could say I’m changing my plans.”

Sandra Livermore, 78, retired child carer, Ardwick, said: “It’s very difficult for me to get around at my age when it’s icy, so I’ll aim to sit inside with a hot chocolate and watch the telly!”

Darren Lovell, 26, plumber, from Salford, said: “I’ve got my ticket to watch United at Tottenham on Sunday so I’m hoping it doesn’t snow too much, the trains are bad enough anyway before it snows.”

Chris Harrison, 19, student, Devon, said: “It’s a great chance to go out and muck around and let my hair down, it beat’s sitting inside watching DIY SOS and repeats of Top Gear on Dave.”

Emily Owen, 22, student, South Wales, “I have my dissertation to worry about so I’m doing that whether it snows or not.”

Nick Hyde, 29, unemployed, Ardwick, said: “Everyone makes such a fuss about a little bit of snow and it really annoys me, anyone would think the world was about to end every time the smallest bit comes down!”

Kristina Daley, 24, single mum, Longsight, said: “I was gonna take the kids to see their dad this weekend but it’s just not worth the hassle, it’s not somewhere I want to be stuck if things go wrong”.

Alka Patel, 22, student, London, said: “I’m not changing my plans for anyone, I’ve travelled all this way and a tiny bit of snow won’t stop me.”

Michael Linton, 34, coach driver, Bury, said: “I’ve got the weekend off but I’m a bit stuck because I’d planned to get everything done and now that’s looking like it’s not going to happen.”

Picture courtesy of wayward passion, with thanks

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