Piccadilly Pulse: Squatters – 17/04/2011

By Barrie White & Alex Johnston

After MM’s recent focus on squatters in Hulme, this week’s Piccadilly Pulse gets Manchester’s views on the controversial subject.


Peter Hall, 53, Hazel Grove, Railways

“There’s adequate legislation to cover it, such as common law.  The problem is that the law is not being applied squatters enter illegally.  If the law was applied and abided by, there’d be no problem.  However, you can’t bring in draconian laws for a few cases.  It’d be like taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut.”


Tony Green, 45, Teacher, Altrincham.

“It devalues society by allowing people to do things which are perceived to be illegal. You have to consider the impact on other people’s property.”


Valerie Malicene, 60, Construction, Manchester

“The property belongs to those who have worked hard to buy it. It is selfish to think you can just move into it without permission.”


Mike Andrews, 55, Retired Teacher, Comber, Manchester

“If I let my own house and people arrived and started squatting and I couldn’t eject them I wouldn’t be happy. However, I am not unsympathetic to homeless people if the building is empty.”


Anna, 21, Student, Manchester

“Squatters should go somewhere and find out if it is unused. They should find if it has an owner, and, who knows, the owner may be able to help them find something.”


Jill Bentley, 26, Nurse, Bolton

“I am sure the police intervene in difficult circumstances, but yes, squatting probably causes housing problems, and more problems on the streets.”


Sandra Jubb, Age Not Given, Customer Service Officer, Piccadilly

“It should be made illegal because I work damn hard to get a property. They should do what everyone else has done and get a job and pay for a property.”


Keith Robertson, 67, Retired, Oldham

“You should be able to go on holiday without worrying. It’s unbelievable that you can’t do owt {sic} about it.”


Graham McLeod, 28, Photographer, City Centre

“It shouldn’t happen. I certainly wouldn’t like to come back from holiday and find that my house had been taken over.”


Graham Hibbert, Age Not Given, Retired Policeman, Manchester

“I already can do something about it, believe me. Everyone has a right to a property.”


Dave Leech, 45, Manchester, Civil Servant

“Squatting depends on how desperate someone is.”


D Oxel, 49, Bolton, Railways

“If there was alternative accommodation, then yes squatting should be illegal.”


Mohammed Ibrar, 28, City Centre, Sales

“As a property owner, it’s up to me what I do with it and I wouldn’t want to find anyone in there.”


Gill Bond, 50, Community Artist, City Centre

“There are empty places that could be utilised but who takes away that opportunity?”


Grace Dale, 19, Student, Mossley

“I really think it’s not a good thing.”


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