Piccadilly Pulse: Can you spot the difference between a blind man’s cane and a samurai sword?

By Mancunian Matters staff

A blind stroke victim had 50,000 volts of a taser shot into his back by police who mistook his stick for a samurai sword.

Chorley man Colin Farmer, 61, spoke of his ‘terror’ this week, as he tried to get over his ‘nightmare’ ordeal.

Lancashire Police had received reports of a man wielding a martial arts weapon in the area and were hunting for the culprit when they came across Mr Farmer.

Despite walking at what he describes as ‘a snail’s pace’, the policeman shot the taser into Mr Farmer’s back.

Following the shocking incident, MM took to the streets of Manchester to see if this was a mistake anyone could make. We took two pictures, one of a cane and one of a samurai sword, out with us and asked:

Can you spot the difference between a blind man’s cane and a samurai sword?

Not if wielded by a blind man9%

Paul Walker, 19, Fallowfield, student, said: “I don’t think I could. What if he had a dog with him too? It could be mistaken for a jungle cat of some sort. It’s irresponsible to take it out to be honest.”

Sheila Boardman, 68, Altrincham, retired, said: “Yes. He may be blind, but I’m not.

Katherine Porter, 37, city centre, accountant, said: “It’s a completely different size, shape and colour. I’m not sure where the confusion arises really.”

James Williams, 21, Didsbury, student, said: “Of course, I’m not some sort of idiot.”

James Tolan, 27, city centre, banking, said: “Aren’t tasers supposed to be dangerous? Glad it wasn’t me, that’s all I can say!”

Mark Nelson, 29, Crumpsall, unemployed, said: “I hope he then set his dog on them.”

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