The £10 Challenge – Freshers’ week student survival guide

By James Haviland

In honour of freshers’ week our £10 challenge is focusing on the essentials needed for student survival in the coming alcohol fuelled days.

First things first: a trip to Boots is necessary. Condoms, Pro Plus and Multivitamins.

Pro Plus is £2.55 for 36 tablets, just drop a couple with a swig of coffee at breakfast for a massive dose of caffeine (apparently).    

Neither sleep deprivation nor alcohol poisoning will be able to hold you back when faced with this magic elixir (not in any way a recommendation).

Multivitamins are a must, when surviving on kebabs and booze, vitamin supplements could be the difference between a hangover and full blown man flu.

Only 0.79p for 30 Boots Pharmaceutical Multivitamin tablets.

Condoms are also (fingers crossed) a necessity. If you are particularly money conscious Boots seem to have a lack of demand for their JLS condoms.

I’ll leave the innuendo to you with regards to a boy band sponsoring condoms.

But for any fans out there they are now £2.00 a pack. Why ladies in particular aren’t flocking in their droves is a mystery to me.

Toilet roll is also on the list. The horror of rushing to your throne then realising a sadistic flatmate has left only a single square of toilet paper is a very real threat.

However, as any good student knows there is an inexhaustible source of free toilet roll to be found in University and McDonalds toilets – cost £0.00.

After that gruelling shop it’s definitely time for some food, as long as you haven’t gone mad on JLS paraphernalia.

Take a trip down Oxford Road to the suitably named “Odder Bar” where you can order a pizza and a beer for £4.99.

If you look around you’ll notice you’re surrounded by lizards, an unknown number of clocks and a wide selection of alcohol, what more could you want.

Now those of you good at maths may have noticed a slight overspend. My suggestion would be either to scrape together that additional 33p or forgo your vitamin tablets and embrace the man flu.

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