Interview: Lawson chat about the ‘buzz’ of playing in Manchester Arena

By Lauren Maughan

Currently touring the country with The Wanted, Lawson, are not your average four piece boy band.

“The main emphasis is on the fact that we play our own instruments. When you gig with The Wanted you will get pigeon holed as being the same,” said Ryan.

“We do look like a boy band and people would confuse it. But we write all our own stuff and play all our own instruments,” added Adam.

After meeting online through Myspace accounts, Adam, Joel, Andy and Ryan, soon hit it off and have just finished working with a major music producer in LA on their new album.

Lead guitarist Joel, explained how nerve wracking it was to work with a producer who had worked with the likes of Take That and Rod Stewart.

“It was pretty petrifying to play and the feeling of messing it up in front of him was horrible,” he said.

Lawson said they thought of playing arenas like the Manchester Arena when they were writing songs for their new album.

“We always aim high and we would love to play as many stadiums as possible so when we write a song we are like how would that sound? We are trying to get a big sound like Kings of Leon.”

Describing themselves as their biggest critics, Lawson say the album has a bit of everything including hints of their influences including, One Republic, The Script and John Mayor.

Andy explained the album also includes some acoustic tracks such as Ed Sheeran, whose track A-team, they cover in their set on tour.

But writing their material means choosing the final selection for the 12 track album will be difficult for the boys.

“Obviously a lot of them are attached to us in different ways.

“There’s going to be some big arguments,” said Ryan.

It’s the second time the boys haved toured with The Wanted, Adam explained how lucky they felt to be doing it all again.

“We ripped their hands off to be honest when somebody said arenas.

“We get treated so well on tour. It’s amazing. Everyone involved treats you so good and the lads are great.”


With a five song set list on The Wanted tour, the band however explained their time on stage goes too quickly.

“You’re just getting into it and it’s time to get off by the time you stop bricking it.”

The boys, who originate from all over the country with home towns ranging from Sheffield to Brighton, Liverpool and Nottingham say they still have a great time on stage.

“You get an awesome buzz especially in the arenas. When the lights go down at the start and they play the Lawson VT then the adrenaline is going. It’s a great feeling,” said Andy.

Although all the boys come from musical backgrounds, getting to this stage has not been an easy ride.

Lead singer Andy suffered from a brain tumour three years ago but since recovering, the band decided to name themselves after his surgeon.

“It meant a lot to us. More than just a name we picked out of a hat,” explained Andy.

With a growing fan base of 20,000 Twitter followers, the band still appear grounded and have a joke around. It is clear they get on well.

Being big fans of Manchester, Lawson explained some of their best nights out have been in Deansgate Locks.

Along with a not so memorable night in Sankeys with Mancunian Max George from The Wanted.

Drummer Adam however explained the place to find him is normally in the cheesy pop room of Tiger Tiger.

Despite being on tour with one of the country’s biggest boy bands, the rock and roll lifestyle has not hit them yet with the band spending the afternoon munching on an apple, drinking peppermint and honey tea and decaf coffee.

On the subject of girls, the boys were not shy to joke and banter about each others’ love lives.

“Joel’s the nice guy and baby faced. He walks up to a girl tells them he’s never going to hurt them. And then hurts them,” the boys joked.

Adam explained however he is more reserved.

“The rest of the boys will fill us in on every progress of their love lives and I just like to get on with it and I don’t like to tell anyone until I know something is going to happen.”

Ryan explained however that Andy has it easy with the girls.

“All he has to do is go up behind her and sing in her ear and then he’s done.”

On his own technique Andy said: “I’m just a bit cocky. Sometimes with girls I have been called arrogant a few times. I just say I might be arrogant but I can back it up,” he jokes.

The rest of the boys laughed about how Ryan’s method is more online.

“Ryan does a lot of his damage on the internet. Once he’s photoshopped his photos.”

World domination is the big plan for next year for the band, however failing that, the boys would like to follow in The Wanted’s footsteps.

“We would love be able to do what these boys have done.  Last year we watched them sell out their own theatre tour and less than a year later they are doing arenas. We would love to say we are doing the same sort of thing as them really,” said Andy.

Lawson plan to release their new single in a few months, shortly to be followed by their new album at the end of summer.

Folllow them on Twitter @LawsonOffical 

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