Don’t look back in anger: The on-going Oasis split saga

By Felicity Moore

To say Liam and Noel Gallagher have a volatile relationship could quite possibly be the understatement of the century.

Since the formation of the band in 1991 to their split in 2009 they have cancelled tours and split at least four times.

But, in August 2009, the death knell truly sounded for the group when an explosive row broke out between the two brothers resulting in Liam reportedly smashing up Noel’s guitar.

Subsequent interviews with each Gallagher have seen the expected war of words.

Just last year Liam took a dig at the very group that made him when talking about new band Beady Eye: “It’ll be bigger. It’s proper rock ‘n’ roll. Oasis was a pop band compared to what we’re doing.”

It seems this year they are both determined to make their separate forays in to music a success, with Liam fronting Beady Eye – featuring the former members of Oasis minus the main songwriter – and Noel with Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds.

But Noel’s decision to break the silence on why they split, that fateful day in a Parisian backstage area, has opened the floodgates for even more debate on the subject of the two Gallaghers.

Who was really responsible for breaking up one of the best rock and roll bands to come out of Britain in the last 20 years?

According to Noel, Liam burst in to the dressing room prior to their headline slot at a Paris festival wielding a guitar like “an axe”.

“He nearly took my face off with it,” he said.

The older brother also claimed the reason they had to pull out of a headline slot at V festival was due to Liam suffering from a hangover.

Possibly the saddest thing said was if the group had been able to finish up what were only two more shows, and had time to reflect on what had happened, Noel believed they would “never have split up”.

Obviously there had to be a bit of comedy value with Liam apparently throwing a plum at Noel’s head.

However, these revelations fell on melancholy ears when days ago Liam declared his heartbreak over the “lies” told by his brother.

In an interview with Radio 1, Liam vehemently denied that he pulled out of the V festival due to a hangover and said he had been diagnosed with laryngitis at the time.

“I do gigs when I’ve been hung-over, I’m a big boy. I’m not going to cancel a gig because I’ve got a headache,” he said.

“[Noel] needs to know there’s two to blame for Oasis splitting up — one of them is sitting here right now talking, and the other one’s Noel Gallagher. It’s time he woke up man, he’s no angel. He’s breaking my heart.”

There’s no doubt that in 14 years of rock ‘n’ roll stardom for the band, Liam has quite probably come out as the more hot-blooded member.

Everything from threatening to stand on George Harrison’s head and play golf to an incident involving a flight to Australia, a scone and Liam’s infamous temper.

Then again brother Noel has certainly had his moments, admitting himself that he has seriously tried to kill Liam on one occasion…

I’m sure mum Peggy is hoping that now the boys are airing their views in public, a reconciliation might be on the cards. But here at MM towers we’re not holding our breath.

Make sure you check out MM’s poll, when we asked Manchester who was responsible for the Oasis split, and have your say.

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