Piccadilly Pulse: Do you believe the world will end on December 21, as the Mayan’s predicted?

By Suraj Radia & Chris Bailey

With the ancient Mayan prophecy of the apocalypse supposedly coming to fruition tomorrow, MM took to the streets of Manchester to ask citizens whether theories were true or just a load of hogwash.

The idea is that the Mayan calendar ends on December 21 2012 leaving people wondering whether we’ll live to see another day or if it was just pure laziness on the Mayan’s part.

Mm took to the streets of Manchester to see what you thought of the theory.

Do you believe the world will end on December 21?



An overwhelming proportion of people seem to believe there is nothing to worry about but there are a few who are taking precautions to ensure they wake up on Saturday morning alive and well.

Here are some of the things Mancunians had to say on their potentially impending doom:

Dominic Mitchell, 27, said: “It’s a load of bulls**t. There are bigger things in the world to worry about than some old theory written thousands of years ago. They didn’t even take into account leap years so really, the world should have ended ages ago.”

Caleb Fox, 28, said: “I’m really superstitious so I think it’s better to be safe than sorry. I’d rather look like an idiot for one day and prepare for something bad to happen than take it easy and die!”

David Parker, 38, from Gorton, said: “I believe in possible theories like solar flares and displacement – which could happen in the future – but if it were to happen in a couple of days you’d think there’d be previous activity or more warning.”

Edwin Small, 26, a bank receptionist from Deansgate, said: “People have got it wrong. It is the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012, not a world-ending event. It had to end sometime.”

Julia Rodgers, 24, South Manchester, said: “I read somewhere that in the movie 2012, New York flooded in October and the world ended in December.

“In real life, New York flooded in October and we’re approaching the doom date. It’s scary stuff.”

Paul Burton, 57, unemployed, North Manchester, said: “If I’m honest, it worries me, it really does. Of course, we all hope there is nothing in it, but those Mayans weren’t stupid so we may live to regret laughing at them. Or perhaps not live!”

Image courtesy of Columbia Pictures via YouTube, with thanks.

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