My Big Mouth: Slow walkers are bane of morning commutes and need to get a move on

By Oliver Rhodes

Slow walkers are the bane of my life and the last thing I, and any other sane on-foot commuter, need on the early-morning route to work.

Having contended with a busy tram I then have to experience the frustration of a dilly-dallying few who form their own human barrier and won’t allow anyone to get by.

I fail to understand the reason for the dawdler‘s snail-like pace other than a fascination with their commercial surroundings.

If the lobby of the station played the scene of an American Football pitch, I’d back myself to reach the end zone… the exit.

But there are further time-wasting obstacles to deal with, as the station occupies more than just the dawdlers.

The dreaded space invader thoroughly takes the biscuit.

Completely disregarding the personal space of others, the space invader will abruptly spring to the front or side of you.

This generally leads to either me having to stop stock still, and cause a commuter pile-up, or take a pedestrian head-on collision. 

Unfortunately taking the problem into my own hands – in the most literal sense – and pushing them over isn’t deemed acceptable (more’s the pity).

However to some it could be viewed as just desserts for their blatant rudeness.

Finally there are the shufflers – people who attempt to dodge your advance but inadvertently block your path leading to the aforementioned scenario.

The shufflers are not strictly at fault, they are merely agents of bad luck who are attempting to do the right thing but end up entangled in one of life’s most awkward dances.

On most occasions I’m too polite (or tired) to bother asking or demanding people to get out of the way.

However I’m feeling quite brave now, so to all those dawdlers out there GET A MOVE ON!

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Picture courtesy of Fernando Stankuns, with thanks

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