Review: Colin Manford presents Comedy Night @ Bar Yours, Salford

By Karl Dyer & Emma Davies

Over 200 Salford students were treated to an evening of comedy Tuesday night and MM tagged along to see what all the fuss was about.

Taking place at Salford university’s student union bar, surroundings were everything you’d expect.

Bar Yours smells of last night’s alcohol and serves cheap beer at cheap prices.

It may be your typical student venue and not to everyone’s taste but it is obviously a successful venue with hoards of freshers and older students flocking to the venue.

The lengthy queue at the door and a packed bar was a good indication of an eager crowd.

However, anyone wanting to actually sit down and enjoy the comedy is encouraged to act like a German on holiday and turn up hours before to put a towel down and mark your spot.

Alternatively, bring your own fold-up chair to ensure a comfortable night.

MM stupidly arrived bang on time and our penalty was to spend the evening perched on a window ledge behind a pillar.

As a result, our night was mostly an audio experience rather than a visual one but this didn’t stop us from joining in with the constant stream of laughter.

Compere for the night, potty mouthed Colin Manford did his job perfectly. He stole the first half of the show with his mix of seemingly true stories and banter with the audience.

Laughing at himself as much as the students, he entertained the eager crowd with tales of his own time at Salford while teaming stories of bedroom failures with awkward pauses.

Before the evening began, Manford told MM that Salford’s comedy night was unrivalled.

He said that because Salford students don’t have a range of bars and clubs on their doorstep like other Manchester universities, his comedy night has become extremely popular in acting as a warm-up for their messy nights out.

Manford was joined by five acts for the evening. Will Duggan kicked off the night with his high-energy performance while Irish born Jon Eakin followed with captivating stories of his time in Manchester.

The brilliantly named Curtis Threadgold then stuck to the mantra of student-related stories but teamed these with a crude twist. His description of a baby looking like “Satan’s right bollock” had the audience split with uncomfortable groaning and belly laughter.

Ed Easton then donned himself in lipstick and performed a dramatic argument between two lovers to start his set. It’s safe to say the audience were in stitches when he told them it was simply make up sex.

His self-aware neurotic stories seemed to strike a chord with the nervous freshers and he ended his set with the crowd chanting for more.

The highlight of the night came from headline act Jonathan Mayor’s refreshing camp bravado

He dominated the night, drawing the audience in with his crude tales before booming the punch lines out in his comically posh voice.

Describing himself as looking like a fatter Gok Wan or a more ethnic Alan Carr he dazzled the crowd with his “impenetrable ghetto patoire”.

Stories of his rugby playing days clashed brilliantly with his overly camp persona while his banter with the students was unrivalled.

His use of the word ‘frightfully’ started to grate towards the end of his set but this was forgiven with a final cumbersome yet hilarious tale of the effect of drugs in a sleepy suburban village.

There is no doubt that this bi-weekly event will continue to draw in masses of students as long as acts like Jonathan Mayor are a regular fixture.

Surroundings may be grim but the atmosphere at Bar Yours is electric and you’re guaranteed to leave with an aching jaw and the sound of laughter ringing in your ears.

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